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This checklist is your go-to resource to effectively slide in the DM.

This is for creative professionals who want to build collaborative relationships by using the power of the direct message on Instagram. 

You may be looking to collaborate, partner, or even get hired. Either away, you’re going to have to connect with a human in some way. 

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My name is Tom “Boyder” Boyd. I produce content with brands. I’ve co-written multiplatinum songs, produced TV commercials, and even invented a clothing line that connected a lot of really cool people.

One of my favorite things to do is work with creative people by helping them build brands, get projects and get paid. I love seeing artists get that scrilla’ - only because they’re usually the first people to get effed over.

As a creative professional myself, I’ve realized that it’s rarely lack of talent that holds people back, but it’s the lack of communication of their talent.

Work and talent alone can’t speak for themselves anymore. Everyone has access to the same tools and resources. It’s the dynamic force of talent, storytelling, and your ability to communicate that sets you up to work on your dream projects with your dream team.

By making a fundamental shift to the process of value based “networking” and using technology to scale opportunities to be human, I’ve been able to develop friendships, business partnerships, podcast guests, collaborators and even the opportunity for my current full-time job.

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