The Boyder Show #13: Justin Muir

Justin MuirJustin Muir is a beast photographer and visual artist. He’s brilliant at making things beautiful. (Here’s his IG if you don’t believe me…)

I admire his work and the way he carries himself as a human, so I asked him some questions.

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Sometimes, I get intimidated by people like Justin. I see his work and I think “I can never do that”. I look at where they are, rather than where they started. Everyone had to struggle to make their first dollar. Everyone who has “made it”, has to experiment with their first project.

But how does someone get to the point where they can make a picture like the one below?

Photo by Justin

In this episode, Justin talks about how he got started, tips to help you get off the ground, the psychology of pricing projects, and the evolution of his photography style.

A couple moments to note:

The biggest misconception of when it comes to what it takes to be a professional photographer.
How to make your iPhone photos better.
The benefit of tricking people.
How he made a book with his photos by accident.
How to embrace uncertainty as a creative.
Practicing with your art with friends or bae.

Here’s his Book of Beards that is NOT FOR PROFIT which you can support now for a discounted price (perfect time for Movember):

Check out Justin’s work here:

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The is the practice that helped him go from beginner to professional. This is his very first project, so you can compare it with his work of today:

Quote that Justin cited: “There’s no certainty, only opportunity.” — V for Vendetta

Thanks for listening/watching/reading. Love, Boyder

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Also, check out some more of Justin’s pics below….

Photo by Justin
Photo by Justin
Photo by Justin