The Boyder Show #12: Stephen Flynn of Tap

This man just might save the world with his new App for tap water.

Forget lemonade stands, Stephen Flynn is building an eco-friendly brand around tap water.

This is The Boyder Show episode 12 where I talk to the courageous creator, Stephen Flynn.

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He recently left his secure advertising job in an attempt to help solve a problem the whole world faces: oceans are being ruined.

How? Mr. Flynn, and his co-founder Mike Postma, created Tap, the perfect water bottle and app to access free water in your city.

 In an effort to reduce the amount of plastic bottles ending up in landfills they created an app and network allowing people to find nearby places to refill their water bottle at the touch of a button. They partner with local coffee shops, fast-casual restaurants and other small businesses to be Authorized Refill Stations on the Tap app.

In short, this show covers:

-How Stephen came up with this idea.
-What it’s like being at the heart of a new business.
-How his experience in advertising carried over to entrepreneurship.
-His advice for my content!


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For a limited time if you find a Golden Ticket in your Tap Bottle order you will win a SodaStream! (Until October 6th)

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