Jakob Owens tells the story behind all 187 Million views. (Bonus Footage Podcast #1)

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Jakob Owen’s tells the story behind all 187 million views. (Bonus Footage Podcast #1)

Jakob Owen’s gets all the views. He is one of GOATS of our day. Yeah, the greatest of all time — today.

And, before you read anything else, go to his YouTube Channel (http:/youtube.com/TheBuffNerds) and see what I’m talking about. From music videos to documentary to sketches to travel videos, he’s mastered all.
He is the Hype Williams of our digital age.
He’s a content monster.
He’s a storyteller behind and in front of the camera.
He’s shot some of your favorite music videos and he’s going to shoot some of your future favorite music videos. His videos are responsible for launching the careers of some of your favorite artists — including Kyle, Futuristic and more.
He’s got an eye for content and flips projects on a dime. It seems like he’s always making something, so I’m super gracious that he took the time to have this conversation today.
We discuss a range of topics from his first successful videos, how he keeps up with all the work, and why he shares everything he knows.
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