There were probably 11 of us atop the slippery rocks of the waterfall.

All debating whether or not it was safe to plunder into the pool of splashing water.

All wishing we had more information about the rocky risk that awaited underneath the spring’s surface.

All hoping there was a manual etched in the side of one of the forest trees called “How to conduct yourself in the midst of the mystery pond that sits about 3 stories below your wimpy ass”.

“It’s not deep enough.”

“It’s too cold.”

“We don’t have towels.”

“How will we get out?”

“Is it legal?”


Luke jumped in.

After a long 2-3 seconds of disappearing, his head bobbed up while flinging his wet locks around and yelled “WE’RE GOOD!”.

Then about three or four of us followed suit by leapfrogging into the natural cold bath and repeated until we remembered we still didn’t have those towels.

Those 15 minutes of fearless frolicking was the highlight of that camping trip.

I remember wondering if any of us would have had the marbles to jump if Luke wasn’t the first to go.

I’m not saying jump into foreign bodies of water, but what I am saying is we have two of the following options:

1) Either find a friend who always goes first and never leave their side. (Luke is very busy and I’ve already called dibs.)

2) Or YOU can be the tester of waters and go first.

Be the first to smile.

…to question.

…to take action.

…to follow up.

…to offer a compliment.

…to throw up a a high five.

You may be left hanging. You may fall on your face. You may suffer a few bruises. But in being the first to do so, you’re strengthening your intuition to move.

Either way, you’ll have a good story.

Either way, your courage will inspire courage.

Our money compounds when we handle it wisely. Opportunity compounds when we act.

You are giving your heart the confidence it needs to trust in your abilities.

In negotiations or in problem solving situations, be the first to let the other person show their cards.

Be the first in your allowing.

As you develop your “firsting” muscles, even the big decisions that require real reflection become easier to sift through towards finding the ideal solution.

Momentum is made with every little strong action we can make.

You could even be the first to “LIKE” this post.

And I’ll be the first to thank you.