23 seconds about myself.

Hi. My name is Tom Boyd. The internet machine calls me Boyder.

I’ve also been called a director, recording artist, multi-platinum song writer, on-camera personality, host, entrepreneur, and DJ.

Currently, I am aiding the launch of a new digital platform for artists, maintaining a paleo based diet, enjoying the process, and practicing as much deliberate learning as possible.

Here is where I record my experiences and make things that might inspire the best in other people. I am forever curious about this beautiful world and this is where I document the ride. 

To sum it up, I make things and share all my learned ideas and processes.

Let’s build.


Boyder is the man! That dude makes me want to do big things more than anyone. Keep inspiring people my man.” – Jason Ballard of The Idea Family Newsletter

“All praise do to Boyd.” – Pharrell Williams of Pharrell Williams

“Tom, you are having way too much fun!!!Love your mom who always needs a “chill pill”….Love it!” – Facebook comment from the woman who gave me life. 




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